A recent loss – the hole runs deep

I am not much for sentiment but have been known to cry watching a commercial so obviously there are deep contradictions in my psyche.  I have had cats throughout my life, since I was two years old.  Twelve years ago, my husband and I were talked into getting these two little fur balls who immediately captured our hearts and we were done – from that moment on they ruled.  Recently, we had to put the male to sleep as he had bone cancer of the jaw and they didn’t think that surgery would be of any use and that at most he had one to three months tops.

We were absolutely floored as we had thought it was a dental problem and they would fix him right away.  We left stunned and tears would well up in us for no particular reason while we wrapped our heads around this unexpected turn of events.  In a month we went back and the vet told us he was worse and to think about bringing him in soon for the injection.  When the time came we held him and stroked him and kissed him good-bye and when we got out to the parking lot with the empty carrier, we bawled like babies holding on to each other devastated.  Even now, three weeks later we miss him like crazy and his sister wanders around the house looking for him and the house is so quiet!  The only comfort for us is knowing that we wouldn’t feel so bad if he hadn’t brought so much joy to us in the first place.





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