My new water bottle

While out recently I was talking to a woman about plastic bottles and the landfill, etc when she told me about this new water bottle she had bought which cost $60.00.  At first, I thought I had misheard her but she went on at great length about how it kept her coffee hot for over eight hours and when she had it filled with water and ice, the water was ice cold with bits of ice still in it the next day.  I didn’t think anything more about it because, hell, I’m not shelling out $60 for a thermal water bottle ever.

Then while out with hubby in the hardware store, they had these fantastic water thermoses on for half-price – $30.  so I picked one up as I didn’t want to buy packs of plastic bottles anymore and now I am a believer – and we’re not talking Justin Bieber!

This thing is awesome; I am the type of person who has to have a glass of water on the nightstand because I wake up around 3 am, have to go to the bathroom and then have a drink of water before going back to sleep…..and I like my water cold.  I put ice in this thing when I go to bed at night and there is still ice in it when I get up the next morning.  I take it out in the car with me when I go shopping and it stays cold all day.  I’m in bloody heaven.  Who knew that something so simple would make me so happy!  Keep your diamonds and furs ladies, give me a cold glass of water any time.


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