Music is required medicine for the soul

I frequently get into shall we say, heated discussions with my friends regarding the wonder of music and the multitude of genres out there and why so many of them seem to categorize their likes and dislikes within a limited framework such as punk, hip-hop, rap, metal, rock and country.

They don’t seem to want to branch out to classical, jazz, blues, world, opera, etc and there are good pieces out there in all categories though to be truthful I am not a big fan of rap.  I never said I was perfect!  Lately though I have been getting into just the music and not the lyrics and certain instruments – piano, cello, saxophone and violin.  My mother’s side of the family is very talented and play many instruments, our family though could be described as musically challenged as we don’t play any instruments and unless you want to empty a room, you wouldn’t want to hear us sing either but I do just that in the privacy of my own home as I am sure do many of you.

phil-barone-curved-soprano-saxophoneOne of my favourite sax players was Clarence Clemons from the E Street band and the horns from The Tower of Power.  The haunting Sax riff by Raphael Ravenscroft (what a great handle) in Gerry Rafferty’s song Baker Street still gives me chills.  My personal favourite and there are many great saxophone players was Junior Walker (and the AllStars)

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