The Red Pepper Jelly Caper

red-pepper_33  Almost every year a friend of mine and I get together to catch up on what is happening in our lives and to make red pepper jelly (recipe provided by local Mennonites) so that we have hostess gifts when we go out socializing at Christmas.

Now she likes to make her jelly with a lot of heat so she uses a lot of Frank’s hot sauce in hers whereas I only use a few drops but neither of us was prepared for the heat in the kitchen this year.

We had the pots on the stove, one for the jars bubbling nicely and the other two with our batch of peppers and sugar (she normally doubles the recipe, I don’t have that many friends).  Unfortunately, we got into a discussion about something and looked away from the stove when I noticed her pot was boiling over and I took the cover off while she was thinking about how to move the pot off the element without either of us getting third degree burns and then the element started flaming due to the sugar and I took a tea towel and smothered it and we managed to get everything under control but our heart rate was fairly high at the time.

It took us a good twenty minutes to clean up the damage, scraping the mess off the stove and using a hot, soaked cloth to scrub all the sticky bits off the floor, cupboards and everywhere else.  She made us a couple of good rum eggnog to calm our nerves and we continued on.  It was a wonder one of the neighbours didn’t call the fire department as we had to open the windows and door to dispel all the smoke.

I think she will be getting a fire extinguisher from Santa this Christmas!  Just in case







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