Break Room

maxine     I read in the paper today an article on this fad that is presently the rage – quite literally in Buenos Aires and spreading everywhere, where people can pay to go into a ‘rage room’ and throw champagne glasses against the wall and break old computer monitors, etc to release pent-up anger they may have for an ex or the boss at work or some be-atch that stole their man, etc.  They are primarily used by women as an expression of emotions they don’t often get to express for fear of being a drama queen or unstable emotionally, etc.

And I immediately thought – they stole my idea!!  Years ago I thought this would be a great idea and was based on the Monty Python sketch where you could pay money and have an argument with someone for a certain amount of time.  I watched that and thought wouldn’t it be great if you could go into a warehouse somewhere, pay a fee and scream to your heart’s content or break dishes on the floor and get out any pent-up here-to-for unreleased rage at what ever was bothering you at the time.  I even thought it would be good if you had someone there that would just agree with everything you said – who wouldn’t like to have their very own yes-man!

Oh well, timing is everything, I suppose!





One thought on “Break Room

  1. I’d love this activity …although I’ve been known to throw bowls of fruit…gives me satisfaction as they melt down the wall!!! I believe they perform the ritual of smashing dishes at an event in Greece… that would work for me..,maybe it was at a wedding. Certainly cheaper than therapy!


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