To hold a family games night as a means to spending quality time with your children is an adorable premise – a Hallmark moment of polite entertainment interspersed with laughter and learning in a secure and nurturing period of time.  In reality, it can be utter and complete chaos.

Please read  for our version of family-games-night from long ago.

2 thoughts on “FAMILY GAMES NIGHT

  1. Yes …Game Night …something I have had the encourage and pleasure to be apart of …on occasion! Yes …the verbal abuse can be very detrimental to your self esteem …if you don’t bring your A game! You better make sure you know the rules and play the games astutely as possible…for only the strong survive!!!!


  2. Reblogged this on REFLECTIONS OF A SWAMPER and commented:

    We are holding another Games Night this week-end in which our friends and family will participate in a card game, a quiz game and some form of physical competition which I have not figured out yet. No, it doesn’t seem like we have learned anything from our past attempts but as stated before, it is sometimes the only way we get to see people where we aren’t attending a funeral.


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