Songs, Books and Movies

This is the page devoted to those songs that have helped me weather storms, kick up my heels and dance – books that have moved me, made me laugh out loud or educated me in some manner – and movies that have astounded, amazed or transported me elsewhere for a while.  Will be getting to them shortly!

One of my favourite movies is The Princess Bride – an adventure film that has sword-fighting, giants, princesses, grandfathers, torture devices, pirates, poison cups, the fire swamp and tons of other treats to dazzle your senses.  And the song by Mink de Ville is wonderful.  It came out in the 80’s but if you haven’t seen it, give it a go!!

One of my favourite music groups is the Eagles and not just for Hotel California but a lot of the earlier songs.

I think the harmonies and the music are stellar – the danceability (made up word) of a lot of their songs, and the lyrics can be outstanding – such as the line – “Now, it seems to me some fine things
Have been laid upon your table,
But you only want the ones that you can’t get” from Desperado.  The notion that you are never happy with what you have or enjoy what you have because you are always looking for the next big thing to come along resonates with me.

Another movie that I will watch repeatedly is “Big” with Tom Hanks which is a movie from way back when (1988) where he plays a young boy of 13 or so trapped in the body of a young adult because he wishes he were big.  He secures what I would consider to be a dream job at a toy manufacturer – testing and marketing new products and rents and furnishes the ultimate apartment for the kid at heart.  It has some memorable scenes and funny and touching moments in it and never fails to make me laugh.  The premise though is every mother’s nightmare – the disapperance of their son and the agony of not knowing where he is and what has happened to him.

In her second movie directing assignment, Penny Marshall (of TV’s Laverne and Shirley) became the first female director to ever direct a film that made more than $100 million at the box office.

Cloud spectre
Watch out for the “dementors” in life – they will suck the life out of you.

Direct quotation from the Novel “How to Save Your Own Life” by Erica Jong ….

“In fact, I’ve never seen the point of pain at all.  The trick is not how much pain you feel – but how much joy you feel.  Any idiot can feel pain.  Life is full of excuses to feel pain, excuses not to live, excuses, excuses, excuses.  When you wind up in bed at the age of 87 like me, the only pain you’ll feel is for all the useless pain you felt, all the times you let yourself not do something because of fear and cowardice, all the times you let the bastards and the kibbitzers and the life-shrinkers hold you back.  Watch out for the death-people.  The people who want to die and want everyone else to die with them.  They’re the ones to avoid.  If you can learn to avoid them, you’ll be fine”…….. page 195.

One thought on “Songs, Books and Movies

  1. Hey B… I’m diggin’ your blog….from one swamper to another. I look forward to accompanying you …on yet …another journey …as I have so often done.!
    Kudos Kid!!


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