Be strong and stay well

I haven’t been posting anything lately as I have been trying to digest what is happening in the world right now and all the fears surrounding the Co-vid 19 pandemic but I have wanted to let people know that despite everything we will prevail because we are resilient, we are fighters and we look after those we can. Common sense and listening to the medical experts and not the politicians will help guide us.

My big concerns are those on the margins of society with mental health issues, those who sleep on the streets because their home life is unbearable and they’d rather risk exposure than be home, those who should be taking medication but forget or can’t afford to right now and the thousands upon thousands of people who live paycheque to paycheque and don’t know how they are going to manage to keep a roof over their head and have food to eat.

If ever there is a time to check on your neighbours, offer to get groceries for those in quarantine or in retirement homes, donate food to the food bank, smile at a stranger… this is it!

My message to you…stay healthy…stay put…sing and dance in isolation, write a letter to your local fire department, send a thank-you card to the nurses and doctors doing their best in exhausting and inadequate circumstances and don’t bellyache. It isn’t all about you! You are not the only one suffering by staying at home. I choose to be optimistic, it is preferable to the opposite.

Please stay well!