Ladies Powder Room at Radio City Music Hall

The essence of travel

You may think that travelling is an adventure, a journey to a destination where you can uncover cultures, art and nature that you have never seen before….and it is; however, when you get older there are certain requirements needed when one travels.  For instance, I need to know that the plane trip is under 8 hours as my legs cannot handle the cramping one has to endure for that time period and I do not possess the kind of wealth that would allow me to travel first class.  Secondly, the place I am staying can’t be more than an hour from the airport especially if I am travelling by bus.  And last but most importantly, I need access to a bathroom on a fairly frequent basis.

This is why I don’t like to go to the theatre that much either as I can stream or rent a movie, make my own popcorn, enjoy a glass of wine AND pause the movie anytime I feel the urge to go so why leave the house.  Plus there is nobody behind me to give away the plot or kick the back of my seat not to mention the tall guy in front blocking my view.

When I was in my youth I didn’t worry about finding a bathroom so much as I had greater restraint and we could always pull over to the side of the road and go in the ditch if we needed.  Nowadays, I’m not sure I’d be able to recover from the crouching position.  Below is the toilet for visitors to Napier, New Zealand.  Top of page is one of many powder rooms in the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  So, you can go to the lavatory in style in certain environments.Napier2012 117

The Public washroom

After having travelled a fair bit, I have come to appreciate the prevalance (or not) of the public washroom which seems to be required more and more as I advance in years.  The picture below is of a lovely scene from the town of Napier, New Zealand and if you look close enough you will see the door handle to the washroom on the tree and the word Toilet at the top of the tree.  I thought that this was fantastic!  What a delightful way to dress up the humdrum but quite necessary public facility.  Why is that we lack this imagination in North America?

Public washroom in Napier, NZ

In another photo that I can’t seem to find, they had painted whales on the outside of the washroom and it was in a park somewhere in New Zealand.

     I do have a photo here of a trashcan though so you can see how artsy these receptacles can be with a little thought.                                                

This was from Lake Taupo region