The Winter Blahs

Feeling melancholy today. It has been a month since I have posted anything but I have been busy, I promise you, I have not been slacking off. Here it is the beginning of March and I am beginning to feel better knowing that in a month’s time I will be able to say good-bye to the soul- crushing Eeyorish winter that has blanketed my world since the end of December.

I think my gloomy mood has a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t get away to southern climes in the New Year, something I look forward to and helps me keep the pit of despair from looming up to envelop me, breaking up the bleak winter months with one week of sun, sand and sea and that is enough to help me get through the rest of it.

I completely understand why everyone (in the northern hemisphere) looks forward to St. Patrick’s Day so much. It is a means of celebrating the death of winter and the renewal of Spring and hope with music and revelry and companionship – a chance to sing and dance and drink and be happy – and yes, I know things get out of hand sometimes but it feels so good to blow off steam – my only concern is that no one gets hurt (that and the fact as a taxpayer I am footing the bill). Oh, to be young and foolish again.

Since I don’t want to leave things on a downer note, just let me say that I have a lot of great people and things (not nearly as valuable) in my life and I know how much better I have it than other people so this is just a passing wisp of gloom in a varied and interesting life.

For all of you that may feel despondent at times, or overwhelmed with life, I say – get out of the house – go to the library and read a good book – take a class in something that gets you thinking or take in a comedy show and laugh out loud, it will do wonders for you. No money, then go for a walk with a friend and talk about your hopes, your dreams and soon enough you will realize how rich you really are! Be kind to others and it will come back to you threefold! Thanks for listening, sometimes, that is all it takes.